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Ready for the One-Year Blackout?

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Providing Electro-Magnetic and Cyber-Resilient Microgrid Systems and Infrastructure

Electro-Magnetic and Cyber-Resilient Microgrid Systems

Instant Access Networks LLC, is a veteran-owned consulting and research and development firm that produces independently tested solutions to protect essential infrastructure from Electro-Magnetic and Cyber-Threats. We are based in Arnold, MD, from where we provide nationwide service and products like our Resilient Adaptive Modular Microgrid Systems (RAMMS, RAMS). These are used for critical infrastructure and resource facilities including command and control systems, hospitals, water utilities, telecommunications networks, and data centers.

SBIR Phase III commercialization contracts are now available to federal agencies. IAN is the prime contractor based on its completed Phase I SBIR US Defense Threat Reduction Agency contract HDTRA1-16-P-0025, "Innovative Strategies, Technologies, and Funding for EMP-Protected Critical Infrastructure and Microgrids."

Grid Vulnerability and Microgrid Solutions

“An electromagnetic (EM) attack (nuclear electromagnetic pulse [EMP] or non-nuclear EMP [e.g., highpower microwave, HPM]) has the potential to degrade or shut down portions of the
electric power grid important to the DoD…. Restoring the commercial grid from the
still functioning regions may not be possible or could take weeks or months.”

-Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Approved Press Release 24 June 2016-
Read the complete DTRA/IAN press release here . Also view the DHS program for EMP-protected microgrids for hospitals.

Obtain expedited SBIR Phase III contracts, funding and resilient infrastructure protected from electromagnetic and cyber threats.

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Emerging Threats Create New Resilience Priorities

See the new directives to protect critical infrastructure in the March 2019 Executive Order of the President on EMP on the Federal Register website outlining recommendations for manmade and natural threats.

These concerns were highlighted in 2015-2016, with a new emergency management approach from the new National Space Weather Strategy and Action Plan by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. The DHS Regional Resilience Assessment Program released analytical information for the Internet and data center industries and, the,  DoD Defense Threat Reduction Agency issued an RFP calling for EMP-protected infrastructure both on and off military bases.

See the article by our CEO Charles Manto, Space Weather, A Historic Shift in Emergency Preparedness in the journal issue, "RISK". 


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